Payment methods Solution !! How can i get payment and transfer money if i don’t have paypal?

Shourav Chowdhury
2 min readJul 17, 2019
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Few easy ways to get paid for freelance works and marketplaces easily. Don’t Miss it !! We all know how important is paypal for us getting paid either from the Job or Freelance works or From marketplaces. Majority of them refer withdrawal methods like Paypal for secure and easy payment gateway.

Countries that are not enlisted by Paypal Can’t Use it by no means. whatever way you try to use it, they track ip and limit the Account. In that case you may lose accounts full access along with the money you have in paypal. So it’s better not to take a risk and lose your money.


Probably one of the Easiest way to get paid. with Payoneer, you’ll get bank accounts with multiple currencies by which you can get paid easily or transfer money by sending and send a payment request. You just need to create a invoice for that. In order to keep secure and sound your Account you should do business transactions. No obligations and restrictions for your country. sending and receiving can be done at the same time. You can Sign up you account and get Started.

Things you Need to Follow:

  1. Sign up
  2. Wait few working days to be approved
  3. Earn upto $100 to order a card


Don’t have Paypal in your country? No worry, if you want to get paid, use Xoom. But you can only receive from the sender if you’re expecting to be get paid. Only The USA users can send to you directly both Bank deposit and cash pickup Method. Just Click and Copy/Paste this to your client, provide your personal info and get paid !!

what you need to Do?

your client or sender may ask our personal information in order to transfer money only from the USA. you don’t need to sign up and verify. Simply Click and Copy/Paste to your client and provide informations. Here are the details you need as follows:

Post Code:


Isn’t it feel good to get a borderless account without being a citizen? Yes, Transferwise if providing you this opportunities to send, receive and get paid from your job outside of your country. You don’t need to do be panic. They provide multiple currencies along with bank details just to make sure you’re receiving money easily. just simply Sign up, Provide your bank information that provided by Transferwise and get paid without any hassle.

You have to Follow:

  1. Sign up
  2. Verify your account with the ID card.
  3. Share your bank details in any currency with your clients to get paid.